Dear 2011,

Wow, a lot has happened this past year. Time passed by too quickly that I hardly even noticed it already ended.

I have loads of things to tell you. First of all, thank you for introducing me to Tumblr. It is by far one of the most stable relationships I have. (haha) Through Tumblr, I was able to discover people who are very like me. I was not afraid to express myself and I have learned to embrace my weirdness. I am happy my Tumblr relationship reached a year! My 1st Tumblr Birthday, hooray! I have grilled cheese rolls and mint hot chocolate to celebrate. :) Also, Hello to my 533 followers! Thank you for being such nice friends. I love you guys. :*

Thank you 2011 for giving me loads of accomplishments. I ended my org presidency with a bang, my college recognized all of my efforts thus winning the Most Outstanding Leader award. I am so grateful. Moreover, I got my IBM db2 Certification and my thesis group got in for the Benildean Spark Program and will do a system for PBSP. I cannot thank you enough. Praise God.

Thank you for the new friends I met, for the real friends that never left, for the family who loves me, and for the teachers who inspired me. I cannot imagine my life without you.

2011, thanks for the lessons you have taught me. Thank you for giving me problems to solve, trials to surpass, and fears to overcome. This year I received my very first failure in college, I failed my Advanced Programming Class. My academic scholarship is gone since I am not allowed to fail any subject. At first, I did not know what to do. I thank God for giving me such understanding parents, they comforted me and never left me. My family helped me to move forward. I have learned to consider this a challenge instead of a failure. I promise myself to get a 4.0 the next time I take my Advanced Programming Class. It may be hard but I have learned not to give up. With my faith in God, I know I will succeed. 

Thank you for everything. This is a bittersweet farewell. It is sad that I have to say goodbye yet please wish me happiness for the coming year. Though we may never meet again, I am forever grateful for the things that I have learned and gained from you. I promise you that will never forget you.

I love you.

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