Because I need to remind myself that I have to start travelling next year. Soon.

Because I need to remind myself that I have to start travelling next year. Soon.

Dear 2011,

Wow, a lot has happened this past year. Time passed by too quickly that I hardly even noticed it already ended.

I have loads of things to tell you. First of all, thank you for introducing me to Tumblr. It is by far one of the most stable relationships I have. (haha) Through Tumblr, I was able to discover people who are very like me. I was not afraid to express myself and I have learned to embrace my weirdness. I am happy my Tumblr relationship reached a year! My 1st Tumblr Birthday, hooray! I have grilled cheese rolls and mint hot chocolate to celebrate. :) Also, Hello to my 533 followers! Thank you for being such nice friends. I love you guys. :*

Thank you 2011 for giving me loads of accomplishments. I ended my org presidency with a bang, my college recognized all of my efforts thus winning the Most Outstanding Leader award. I am so grateful. Moreover, I got my IBM db2 Certification and my thesis group got in for the Benildean Spark Program and will do a system for PBSP. I cannot thank you enough. Praise God.

Thank you for the new friends I met, for the real friends that never left, for the family who loves me, and for the teachers who inspired me. I cannot imagine my life without you.

2011, thanks for the lessons you have taught me. Thank you for giving me problems to solve, trials to surpass, and fears to overcome. This year I received my very first failure in college, I failed my Advanced Programming Class. My academic scholarship is gone since I am not allowed to fail any subject. At first, I did not know what to do. I thank God for giving me such understanding parents, they comforted me and never left me. My family helped me to move forward. I have learned to consider this a challenge instead of a failure. I promise myself to get a 4.0 the next time I take my Advanced Programming Class. It may be hard but I have learned not to give up. With my faith in God, I know I will succeed. 

Thank you for everything. This is a bittersweet farewell. It is sad that I have to say goodbye yet please wish me happiness for the coming year. Though we may never meet again, I am forever grateful for the things that I have learned and gained from you. I promise you that will never forget you.

I love you.

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Owl City Concert Tomorrow. :> YAY! :)

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I’d like to date a guy who…
  • Is prayerful. A guy who is proud of his faith and would spend his Sundays going to Church. I want a guy who would ask me to pray with him. A prayerful person is blessed and filled with hope – being with a man like that keeps me alive and optimistic.
  • Is a good conversationalist. May it be politics, arts, food, history or the weather, anything under the sun actually - as long as he keeps it interesting :)
  • Is intelligent. I find intelligent guys sexy. Not really Einstein genius but a person who excels in what he does.
  • Have plans. It can be whatever. We can talk about his plans all day long - what he wants to do next summer, where he wants to travel or his dream job. Sharing his plans with me is really something. I believe that when a guy shares his dreams to me he wants me to be a part of it. And as I listen, I would just be there listening and encouraging him to plan more and reach his dreams.
  • Is an artist. Creative people are free thinkers, they are not afraid to say what they have to say. They are good in expressing their feelings. They always see the beauty in people. He could be a writer, a photographer, a painter, a designer, a musician or a dancer. It is good to be with a free-spirited guy, it seems like everything is colorful when you are with him.
  • Notices the littlest things about me that other people do not see. He would notice that I bite my lips when I am nervous or I touch my nose when I feel embarrassed. I find it really cute and sweet.
  • Knows exactly what to do in different situations. He would cheer me up when I am sad and would give me hugs when I do something right. He will hold my hand when I feel lonely and would kiss my forehead when I worry.
  • Never fails to surprise me. A guy who is spontaneous and random. He would take me to places I’ve never been. He would do the most outrageous things with me. He would make the most ordinary things extraordinary. I am not going to be bored with him – ever.
  • Never gives up. A guy who is brave enough to hold on. He would never let go just because things are hard. He would go the extra mile to make our relationship work.
  • Is a good listener. I would tell everything to him, everything. I would vent and tell him all my rants for the day and he would just sit there and listen. He will not be irritated and would understand what I am saying even if I am explaining to him in circles. Or when I am just happy and enthusiastic about a random thing, he is still there listening to all the things I am saying even if I am talking with sense or with no sense at all.
  • Reads. About anything really. It would be a plus if he has read twice as many books than me. We could go to a coffee shop and just read or we could just lie in bed and read. I’d really like to date a guy who has the same passion for books just like me. It would be amazing if he could write too. :”>
  • Compassionate. A guy who has a big heart. He will never be tired of helping the unfortunate. He would always think about others first than himself.

It would be really awesome if I could date a guy who has at least one of these qualities. He could be somewhere, what I need to do is to keep looking. Yet, this list does not hinder me from dating other guys. After all, I am not expecting for a perfect guy - just the right one. 

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looking for new blogs to follow. :)

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Birthday Surprise!

Tomorrow is my Achi’s (eldest sister) birthday! My parents sent their birthday cards already through snail mail. && I’m still waiting my Dichi’s (second eldest sister) card for Achi Lady from London. Someone should remind me to call the post if the card is already there. :| 

Anyway, me and Celine (youngest sister) are preparing the perfect breakfast surprise for her. This is what we planned for the menu:

  • Homemade Pancakes (made by me, of course)
  • Her favorite coffee or Hot Chocolate
  • Sunny side-up and bacon

&& we’ll be giving the birthday cards during breakfast. I hope she likes it. *fingers crossed* We really want this to be extra special since she will be marrying July, next year. This would be her last birthday with us since she’ll be moving out after her wedding. Wish me luck :)

xoxo, Cam

The weather is affecting my brain and my immune system. I am not making sense and it’s finals week. :| :((

so random. BLAH.

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Crying is my choice, so please just let me. I just want to let it all out. It irritates me how you can be so selfish and not allow me to. Now, you’re even angry because I’m crying. Do you even have a heart?



I am really happy today. All the feelings of stress and sadness from my school organization suddenly disappeared.

My Achi (first-born older sister) just told me that she is really happy when I came to live with her. Achi Lady said that for two years now, she did not feel lonely at all because I am here with her. Before, she wants to marry right away because she feels empty and the closest relationship she has with her is her boyfriend. She misses us so much since we live far away from her. Me, my other sisters and my mom have to ride a plane just to visit her. But now, she does not really feel the need to marry yet because the feeling of emptiness was gone because of me. What she needs after all is the company and the warmth of family. She loves my company & she is happy I am her sister.

I love my sister. Thank God for a wonderful sister. :)

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surprise, surprise

if you are starting to do the right thing, people will pull you down. if you are starting to be good at something, people will pull you down - even your “friends”. i do not know if i can still call some people friends. you think you know a person but you really don’t. you trust them and they betray you. you even hug them and care for them but they will talk bad things about you behind your back.

the moment you are starting to screw up, they will be happy. they will befriend you and talk to you. come to think of it, we were friends before i started to be really good at what i am doing. you cannot call people your friends when they are not happy with your success.

i’m just happy your not my blockmate because it is a lot easier to cut my friendship with you. i wonder if there was even a friendship to begin with. i am just happy i know who my real friends are. 

i can’t believe i called you friend. i don’t deserve the things that you’re doing to me. i am also not immature to start a fight with you. i can forgive you but not today. someday.

now i know better. && i am better off without you. 

realizations, rejections and relationships

The feeling of happiness is overwhelming. I just had my recollection with my Blockmates today. It is an institutional requirement after all since I am studying in a Catholic college. The fact that it is a mere requirement, I thought none of us would take it seriously. However, believe it or not, this day is one of the best days in my life. I had tons of realizations.

I know now that when I pull others down it becomes a cycle. The person I pulled down will also pull other people down and the cycle of negativity continues. Yet, if I spread positivity to others, a new cycle would emerge. Happiness will be passed to others and people will feel good among themselves. It is very simple but indeed a very good learning. Good karma would change our lives and the world after all.

I also learned from the activity that every now and then all of us will experience rejection. We will be frustrated and we might grief at some point but I have realized that we should not be devoured by it. Yes, rejection is painful but we can always stand up again and heal. When we have healed and recovered then we can move on and try again. Life will not always be nice to you. Trials are always there to test how strong you are. You might even feel worthless with all these rejections and problems that seem like conquering you. Just remember that it is on how we react and perceive things that makes who you are. Try to see things differently. If you get rejected on a dance audition, practice more and dance again on the next audition or you can try singing instead. Do not ever pity yourself - It would not take you anywhere.

Moreover, I have found my true and real friends in school. I never thought that they value me this much. I am so happy. After reading all of the letters they gave me, I am so touched. I feel that God loves me so much and He blessed me with such good people. I hope our friendship would last a lifetime. Please do remember that i love you very much. I am always here when you need someone to talk to. Thanks for everything guys! You know who you are.

Overwhelming happiness- I know what this is. It is called love. :)

Day 9 - 10-Day You Challenge

Day 9 - Loves: Nine Loves

I love ♥:

1. God

I do not need to explain this. Words cannot describe my love for God. 

2. My family

My family is always there for me through thick and thin. They have always supported me with what I do. Love binds our family together.

3. My friends

I love my friends! They are always there to listen to me. They cheer me up. My friends never ever made me feel alone. I’d do the same thing for them too.

4. College :D

I just love college. I love everything about college. The school, the people, my organization, the professors and the feeling of independence. College is inspiring and I am loving every minute of it.

5. Books

Being a book worm is in the genes. My love for books is entirely the fault of my parents. Books take me into a new world of pure imagination. Pure love. I feel really bad though because I stopped reading books. I used to read books everyday so I am doing my best to read again during my free time. I missed reading.

6. Fashion

Fashion is art. I love fashion. Everyone loves fashion.  ♥

7. Music

My love for music started when I was really young. Everyone in the family loves music. My mom sings. My dad also sings and he dances really well. My two older sisters play the piano. My younger sister is a really good dancer and a cheerleader. Me? I just love to sing. That is all. :>

8. The Color Green

I love the color green. I do not know why. It has been my favorite color ever since I can remember. I wanted all of my clothes to be color green back then. Now that I realize, I did not own any green clothing until I was thirteen. Weird really. && I love the earth, vegetables and plants. HOHOHOHO. =))

9. Spring time

Spring time is  ♥. Tis’ the season where flowers bloom and butterflies fly everywhere. The scene is just amazing. The best time to take pictures and wear nice spring clothes.  

one more day to goooo. :) :) :)

Day 2 - 10-Day You Challenge

Day 2 - Music: Two songs that I love

I basically listen to every song on the radio. :D Among all the songs composed in the world, the two songs that I cannot stop listening right now are Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot and Dancin’ in the Moonlight by Toploader. Both of them are songs from eight years ago but I really love them. Oh yea, I just realized that both of them are part of the official soundtrack of the movie “A Walk to Remember”. :)

My internet connection is really slow right now and I cannot upload the music on Tumblr. :| You can try listening to the songs on Youtube. :>

Day Two Challenge Accomplished! :)

Self-control one virtue I do not have. A reason why my grades dropped the last term, I cannot follow a diet or an exercise regimen, I am getting fat, I am an impulsive shopper, I cannot wake up early in the morning and I keep making up all these excuses. I complain everyday why my life seems to be out of place when I happen to be the problem. How can I even acquire self-control? I am always losing it. Just like right now, I have an early Literature class later and here I am blogging at two in the morning.

Seriously, I need an attitude makeover. I need it NOW.

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letting go

Letting go is one vital thing that a person must learn. All of us will have to let go of something or someone eventually. As for me, I am not really good at this. I learned today that everyone must learn the value of goodbyes.

My sister asked me earlier this morning to throw all the things I don’t use anymore. I was resistant at first but then I saw a random Ebook in the internet. The story is about saying goodbye and the value of having to leave something in order to move forward. I know some things are hard to let go and saying goodbye is painful. However, what is only constant in this world is change.

Now, I am packing all the things I am no longer using. I might donate my old clothes and books to a charity I love. Yes, it is sad to say goodbye but I am opening a space for new memories to come in.

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